The Post-human Voice


Image by Roni Lugassi

€20  Standard - image only

€30  Autographed

€35  Autographed & personalised message

The Post-human Voice is the first in a series of prints and posters celebrating the iconic Techno Goddess ANALI GOLDBERG.

The image by Roni Lugassi beautifully captures a rear moment in the life of ANALI GOLDBERG

The Post-human Voice is also available autographed, and with a

personalised message of your choice. Making it the perfect

collector’s item for an art connoisseur or a great souvenir

for a fan.

All purchases help support the work of ANALI GOLDBERG, with additional donations being made to Queens Against Borders.




€5 from every sale will go direct to Queens Against Borders to help

support them and the amazing work they do.

If you would also like to help support them by donating, simply click

on the donation button on let us know.


Building solidarity with trans and queer refugees in Berlin.

Queens Against Borders supports and promotes the unique talent of trans and queer performance artists who are refugees. Their aim is to build a bridge between trans and queer refugees and Berlin's established art and social scene. Creating opportunities for their work to be seen and a voice within the community.